Criminal Defense for Domestic Violence  

Domestic violence defense with a Chester County District Attorney should never be taken lightly. With crime statistics and advocacy groups pushing courts towards swifter and harsher judgments towards defendants accused of abuse, the need for good defense has become increasingly important. If the judgment goes against you as the defendant, it may be more than just your life that is affected. The life of your whole family can be altered irrevocably unless you take the necessary steps to ensure that your case will be as strong as it can be before it goes to court.  

It is important to make sure that any contact that you have with the party making the accusation after the allegation is made is either recorded or in the presence of an attorney or law enforcement. This can help you to avoid any future complications that could arise during your trial, as you will have witnesses or evidence which can prove that anything said was done so truthfully. It will also protect you from allegations that you have attempted to somehow coerce the other party. On that note, it will also be generally considered a good idea to keep your contact with the accusatory party to a minimum. If any contact must be made, it should only be done for matters of business or family, and again, only done in the presence of a third party or Chester County District Attorney.  

The most important thing you can do is to seek proper and experienced legal representation for your case. Domestic abuse is one of the rare crimes where the accused party is assumed by law enforcement and the public to be guilty before they can be proven innocent, instead of the other way around. That is why you will need legal representation with experience in this manner, as you can expect the system to feel stacked against you  

With violence defense provided by a good Chester County District Attorney, you can expect to get advice in terms of what you can do to help to win your case, as well as what actions are the best to avoid. Every decision that you make as you proceed must be carefully planned and considered before it is put into motion. Even something simple, such as being able to see and speak with your children, can be legally entangling. Your best course of action will be to speak with an attorney who can guide you in the right direction.  

Some Ways in Which a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Assist You 

  • The defense attorney can prepare your defense by gathering evidence from the incident, evaluating the facts and circumstances of your case, and finding witnesses to help you strategize a defense. He understands the complexities surrounding domestic violence cases in much depth.
  • He can represent you in court and present a strong defense theory by cross-examining the alleged victim.
  • He will review all the pieces of evidence recorded against you and challenge any evidence that is found weak, which could result in your charges being dropped.
  • He will defend your rights and help you exercise them, in addition to determining whether any of your rights have been violated at any point of time throughout the legal procedures. It is common to see the arresting officers violating many rights of the accused at different points in time throughout the legal procedures, your defense attorney will identify all such violations, which will result in making your case stronger.  
  • It is quite often that the convict loses child custody in a domestic violence case. The defense attorney can settle the dispute of child custody and protect you from losing the custody of your children.
  • With his experience and skills, he can identify the lies and inconsistencies in the accuser’s statements, which could further make your defense stronger.
  • There would be temporary restraining orders that the court will put on the accused. However, the defense attorney will ensure that an extended protective order is not put in its place.
  • He can guide you on what you should avoid doing throughout the proceedings of the case, which might result in making your case weak.
  • Since no one deserves to carry the tag of a criminal throughout their lives, the Chester County defense attorney goes a step further to get your records expunged, so that they do not remain available for anyone to see. A false allegation of domestic violence charge might leave you confused and distressed. You would hardly be aware of all your rights and the proper ways of exercising them at suitable times. A domestic violence defense attorney, in addition to making you aware of your rights, can prove you innocent by presenting a strong defense for your case.  


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